Day 8 – Yumthang Valley & Zero point

You can read about the previous days of my travel in North Sikkim here

It had been raining all night and we woke up to a very cool weather in Lachung. Our wooden hut accommodation looked even more beautiful in the morning light. We had a wonderful view from the balcony from the backside of our rooms.

Trip_day8 313

Our accommodation – Apple Valley Inn, Lachung

Trip_day8 316

We had our breakfast and started towards Yumthang Valley around 7:30 AM. Today’s plan was to see Katao or Zero point (we need permission to visit here), yumthang valley, hot springs and get back to Gangtok before evening.

A cute little girl

Trip_day8 022

Initially, the landscape was stones, river…..

Trip_day8 045

After an hour we started to gain altitude and whoa!! I have only one word to describe what we saw on the way – Christmas!! Previous day’s rain had made sure every leaf, rock, house on the way was fully covered with snow. I will let the pictures do all the talking 😀  😀 

Trip_day8 052 Trip_day8 051

Only thing I still don’t get it is how to take pictures of landscapes with snow that doesn’t look like a black-and-white photograph. Any tips here are welcome! And as you can see, I had to literally come out my taxi’s window to take some of these photos. 😀 

Trip_day8 077 Trip_day8 079 Trip_day8 080

Few other photos 😀 😀 

Trip_day8 062 Trip_day8 076 Trip_day8 091

We first went to Zero Point crossing the Yumthang Valley. It was 10 o clock in the morning and the place was covered with snow. We had never seen so much snow in our entire life; we started playing around, singing songs, giving poses to photographs  🙂 

Trip_day8 115 Trip_day8 153


There is a small bridge, which can be crossed and a short climb up the zero point for even better view. We decided not to do it and proceeded to drive down to Yumthang Valley. The sky started to clear up and we were able to see a bit of blue here and there.

Trip_day8 171 Trip_day8 174 Trip_day8 172

Scenary in Yumthang valley was no different, it was snowy everywhere. The river running along its side was so cool even to see. There is a pathway leading towards the river, which obviously was covered in snow again. This was a jackpot day for us.

Trip_day8 205 Trip_day8 217

After a long photo session, we went to see the hot springs. One has to walk up a bridge towards a house – even here one cannot see the hot water flowing down like Sumur or Panamik. It is a house in which the hot water is stored in a big tank and comes out of pipes if anyone wanted a bath. We were informed that we had to climb quite a number of steps (huge ones) to actually see the starting place of this hot spring. Since my parents were not so interested to climb steps, we let it go. 

The hot springs house

Trip_day8 296

We returned to the place where taxis were parked, had hot tea and started return to Lachung. Here, we once again had a delicious south indian lunch and proceeded towards Gangtok. Next day we will be leaving Sikkim and our trip was almost complete. We had one day to spend at Kolkatta, which none of us were looking forward too. How I wish, I hadn’t included Kolkatta in the plan.


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