Day 6 – Towards North Sikkim

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Day 6 –

This was the day we were leaving Gangtok to North Sikkim. Many of the places here need prior permission to visit. Since it was our first trip to The Himalayas, we weren’t very sure about all this. So, we had arranged it with a travels agent. (Yak and Yeti Travels). Our plan was to visit Gurudongmor Lake and Yumthang Valley.

Trip_day6and7 066

We met our wonderful driver for North Sikkim (Neema) and started our journey. Once we crossed the bridge that led to North Sikkim, the mountains started to look bigger, roads much worse, but the beauty was pretty breath taking.

Trip_day6and7 051

We passed Seven Sisters Falls, which is around 37 km from Mangan, is a good spot for taking a break from a long journey.

Seven sister falls

Trip_day6and7 084

Bridge next to it

Trip_day6and7 081


Chungthang is 65 km from the seven sisters falls. To reach Gurudongmor Lake, one has to spend the night at Lachen or Thangu. I would suggest staying in Lachen if you are not acclimatized before. Both are beautiful villages with the most humble and helping people you will ever see in this part of the world.

Path towards Lachen

Trip_day6and7 044

Slush slush slush 😀

Trip_day6and7 055

One of the numerous bridges we saw on the way

Trip_day6and7 060


Trip_day6and7 052River Teesta never let us 😀

Trip_day6and7 122

By the time we reached Lachen, it was almost dark and there was no power in the village. We had booked our room in Padim Lodge, which is a modest house with basic rooms. It was a very cold night and the hosts served us piping hot food for dinner in that weather. To reach Gurudongmor and back to Lachen, one has to begin the journey at 3 AM in the morning. Even though it is around 60-odd km from Lachen, the road conditions make the journey a long, but beautiful one.

A sign board after Mangan

Trip_day6and7 165

Tomorrow is the day we visit Gurudongmor lake, our first visit to such high altitude lakes, my first altitude sickness.. More on it later here..



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