The Wolf of Wall Street


This movie by Martin Scorsese takes us through the life of Jordan Belfort (played by Leonardo Dicaprio), a person who made millions of dollars out of selling penny stocks in the late 1980s. We journey along with Jordan – from a man who interns at a stock firm to the man who builds an empire by himself and employs many such interns. We get a peek into the life of people at wall street – their intake of drugs like cocaine, their greed for money and their endless promiscuity. One good thing about this movie is, it is neither judgmental about any of these aspects in their life nor does it try to provide any justification for such behavior. It is just a narration of one’s life.

The screenplay is much enjoyable. DiCaprio is irresistibly charming in his role as Jordan. He dominates and takes full control of the screen. He shows us that he is capable of acting in comedy as well. This movie is probably his best acting yet in his career. I really hope he gets an oscar this time 🙂


Next notable character in the movie is Donnie (played by Jonah Hill). Though sometimes irritating, the theater was rolling out with laughter especially during the party where Jordan and Donnie meets Jordan’s second wife Naomi (played by Margot Robbie). One has to admit she is very attractive and adds glamor to the movie (as if DiCaprio wasn’t enough to add glamor)

If one expects to hear financial jargon of the stock market, then this movie is not a right choice. Even Jordan is seen narrating in one of the scenes that he doesn’t want to bore us with these facts. This movie is more about how the money is spent in drugs, possessing expensive cars, yachts, properties, women and addiction, than how the money was earned. Speaking of women, there is a lot of adult content in the movie (though there were many obvious and abrupt cuts in the Indian release) which is quite alright when seen along with the context of the script.

In a nutshell, the storyline is about how Jordan Belfort raises up to become a wealthy man, what happens to his family due to his corruption, greed for money and drug addiction, how the FBI agents bring about his fall and how he continues his life as a motivational speaker. The movie is so fast paced and interesting we don’t even realise its 3 hrs long. Watch it for the wonderful screenplay, splendid acting by DiCaprio or even just to see DiCaprio 🙂 🙂

**Disclaimer** Opinions stated here are my personal thoughts***